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coated abrasives


Sanding Belts:

In aluminum oxide, ceramic, zirconia alumina and silicon carbide. Belts for sanding, edge sanding, stroke sanding, portable sanding applications, pump sleeves and wide belt sanding. 

Wide range of sizes available.

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Sandpaper Sheets:

In aluminum oxide, garnet, silicon carbide and emery cloth. Sheets for soft wood, hard wood, cleaning and polishing metals or for hand/machine sanding of paint, primer, plastics and fiberglass.

Many shapes and sizes available.  

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Pressure Sensitive Discs:

In aluminum oxide, ceramic, zirconia alumina and silicon carbide. Available sized from 1″ through 36″. For use on ferrous and non ferrous metals, stainless steel, wood, plastics and fiberglass.

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Velcro Discs:

In aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina and silicon carbide. Available with or without dust holes. For use on wood, metal, paints, ceramic, plastics and fiberglass.

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Ceramic Velcro Discs:

Dry use only for operating with sanding machines from stock removal through to final finish on paints, fillers, primers and lacquers as well as normal and alloy steels, stainless steels and wood. Strong C weight backing, long lasting ceramic abrasive, open structure for dry operations with random orbital sanders and rotary sanding machines in the car industry, car body shops and the marine industry.

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Other Coated Abrasives

A wide range of shapes, sizes and material available for all products

Resin Fibre Discs

In aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and zirconia alumina. For use on wood, metal, stainless steel, glass, marble, caramic and cast iron.

Flap Wheels

Available in as small as 3/8″ in diameter for fast polishing and light deburring of internal work with holes or grooves

Flap Discs

A versatile grinding and finishing tool available in aluminum oxide and zirconia. Available in 4″ to 7″ diameter.

Cartidge Rolls

In aluminum oxide are designed for use around small and hard to reach places.

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